Echoes from the Rifts® Episode One

Echoes from the Rifts® Episode One

Here is the first episode of the Echoes from the Rifts® Podcast. It is a conversation between the host (Chris Perrin) and Erick Wujcik about his early days in Detriot and his work with Palladium Books®. Next episode will finish the dialogue as Erick talks about his days in China and his work on Amber.

Show Notes:
Erick’s Site:

Erick’s personal website:

Erick’s Blog:

Phage Press: (includes links to where you can
buy the pdf versions of Amber Diceless and Shadow
Knight, as well as Amberzine #12)

Ambercons: (link to all the various Ambercons)

Diceless by Design: (link to the new company that
will be publishing the new edition of Amber Diceless)

Erick can be found on the following forums:

Palladium Megaverse®:

The Official Amber DRPG and Erick Wujcik Fanforum on

Legally speaking, I must also include that I got my music at


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Also, as a personal note, during this interview I had all sorts of recording difficulties. Erick had an infinite well of patience for my troubles and even sent me those show notes. He was an amazing interview.

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  • That’s a great interview you scored with Erick! Nice job on the podcast. If you can keep it professional and interesting you’ll have a regular listener.

  • Oh, forgot to mention, could you also make this available in iTunes as a podcast for those of us who own ipods? Makes things a little easier and helps promote your ‘cast too.

  • Sorry it took me so long to respond. I have added the feed to iTunes. (I did it last night so it may take a day or so.)

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