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The Echoes from the Rifts Podcast wants to give Palladium fans another way to talk about the game system and books we all love.  So the podcast is looking for content from you!  Do you have a story, adventure idea, module, or other unique content for Rifts, Nightbane, Beyond the Supernatural, Heroes Unlimited, or any other Palladium Books property?  Please send it as either a text file or an audio file.

The best part about submitting an audio file is that you get to have it sound exactly like you want.  If not, then I’ll read it and if I have a face for radio, my voice ain’t much better.

Have questions about making an audio file?  No worries, I’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction to where you can download some killer sound files, some tips for recording, and can answer any other questions you might have.  Just shoot an email to [email protected]!

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  • Hi,

    This may not be quite what you’re looking for, but I’ve created a new map of Rifts North America that includes most major locations and looks pretty nifty. You can get the files and read the discussion here:;f=2;t=336

    Let me know if this is a suitable topic for your podcast. I’d like to give Rifts fans a complete set of maps eventually, ones that include all the data from the books, in a nice colourful format.

    Keep up the good work!


  • Hello, Chris…

    My Name is Doug Lamberson,

    I wanted to let you know that I have been listening to your pod casts here of late (I just bought my 1st mp3 player a few weeks ago), and your shows have been one of the firsts of the pod casts that I have been downloading, and I have enjoyed them VERY much while I am at work listening to them.

    (it helps the time pass SO much better!!)

    Anyway I wanted to let you know thru the AWESOME POWER…(I’m sorry about that, I do this allot about HIM!) …

    Thru Kevin Siembieda The big chief whom runs Palladium Books…ALL HAIL PALLADIUM BOOKS AND THE ALL MIGHTY KEVIN AND STAFF!!!

    ….See what I mean…


    Anyway Kevin was SO wonderful to let me help him on the Robotech books with him, and that he was SO AWESOME…(I forget to breath when I think of this sometimes) That not only did he send me 2 copies of the book, HE put me 1st on the special thanks list on the first few pages!!!!
    (I thought I had a Holy moment from god himself!!!!)

    I’m so sorry if it seems that I’m bragging about this, but to me, this is something So wonderful to me, and to be a part of the phenomenon that goes back for me when I was just 16 (now 37) years old and would RUN home from school to see the LAST 5 Min’s of the show itself!
    (The show started @ 3 pm and school let out the same time, so I’m sure you understand how “sick”days were just great!) And how the feeling went through me about seeing the RPG books and ALSO how wonderful they were, that seeing your name in the newest one…well, you get the idea.

    So I heard that If any one knows about “what a Protoculture Matrix looks like”, send you an e mail, so here it is.(THIS will be a BIG topic itself!)

    I will l talk to Kevin to make sure that I have the “green light” with (the all mighty one!) himself before I do it, also keep in mind I’m no Tommy Yune or anything like that, But I do think that having ALL the DVDs, art books, ALLOT of the comics, A good chunk of the novels,
    And visit most of the websites on a regular basis AND of COURSE ALL the palladium books RPGs, that I like to think I know a thing or two about robotech.

    So, if you would be so kind to do me the honor, and every thing is good to go, and if we could do it with me using my cell phone, I would LOVE to be on your show!!

    Please feel free to e-mail me back on this.

    Thank you, fellow fan for you time,

  • Hey man, you get the green light and leave me a post and we’ll definitely see what we can do!!!!

  • Hello,all….

    “CommonDialog”, IF you read this,THE GREEN LIGHT has been given!!

    Can’t wait to talk robotechnolgy with you and your fans.
    you should have my e-mail address, and (like a dope), I waited to see if you responed to the “post?”I had sent to you in my e-mail , BUT saw your reply today,SO I hope I did this ‘post’ right?!…(I hope?)
    I await you response,

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