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Echoes From the Rifts® is Now On Twitter

March 27th, 2008 | Category: Social Media

I now have a Twitter page (CommonDialog) where I will be posting frequent updates about gaming, writing, and what I am doing.

Please add me and I’ll keep you updated on the show.

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Echoes From the Rifts® Episode 6

March 26th, 2008 | Category: Episodes

Okay, this is a special edition of the podcast where I pretty much get hypergeeky about Shadow Chronicles.  I am pretty excited and I hope that everyone gets a feel for the game from my rambles.

Show Notes:

Shadow Chronicles

Echoes From the Rifts® Episode 6

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Echoes From the Rifts® Episode 5

March 22nd, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized

That’s right, two in less than 7 days!  This one features the many talented Braden Campbell and his legion of projects. 

Phase World

Jason Richards

Echoes From the Rifts® Episode 5

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Echoes From the Rifts® Episode 4

March 16th, 2008 | Category: Uncategorized

Echoes From the Rifts® Episode Four

…And we’re back.

 This episode is about Robotech and the new Shadow Chronicles!  It also has our very first user submission from Krypter!  Please send more submissions for the podcast!  I need stuff on zombies!

 Topics for the episode include:

Gary GyGax in Passing:

Shadow Chronicles Website:

Harmony Gold:

Shadow Chronicles To Print:

Preorder for Shadow Chronicles:

Krypter’s Map:;f=2;t=336

Open House:

Jason Richards:

Echoes From the Rifts®’ Topic on Palladium’s Forum: