Month: November 2007

Call For Submissions!

The Echoes from the Rifts® Podcast wants to give Palladium fans another way to talk about the game system and books we all love.  So the podcast is looking for content from you!  Do you have a story, adventure idea, module, or other unique content for Rifts®, Nightbane®, Beyond the Supernatural®, Heroes Unlimited®, or any other Palladium Books property?  Please send it as either a text file or an audio file.

The best part about submitting an audio file is that you get to have it sound exactly like you want.  If not, then I’ll read it and if I have a face for radio, my voice ain’t much better.

Have questions about making an audio file?  No worries, I’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction to where you can download some killer sound files, some tips for recording, and can answer any other questions you might have.  Just shoot an email to [email protected]!

Echoes from the Rifts® Episode 0

You have about it, now it is finally here!!!  I have officially posted the inaugural episode of the Echoes from the Rifts® podcast. 

This episode a short, introductory episode where I lay out the basics of the show, the format and make the first Call for Submissions for audio content on the podcast.  Don’t worry, I am already working on lining up an exciting list of your favorite Palladium authors and perhaps a special surprise guest that has to do with a very big line from Palladium.

You can download the episode by clicking this link: echoesfromtherifts-episode-zero.mp3

I look forward to getting your feedback and please considering recording something for the show!

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